Love is Sweet!

For many couples, positive guest experience ranks high on the list of importance when planning a wedding. They want their wedding to be the one people remember and talk about for years to come. With the recent popularity of wedding extras such as photobooths, and song request RSVPs, couples now, more than ever, are looking out for ways to help their guests have a great time at their wedding.

Therefore, what better way to your guests’ hearts than through their stomach via a serve-your-self, sweet tooth buffet!


The obvious first option is to organize candy in interesting jars and dishes coordinating with your wedding colors and theme. There are entire online stores devoted to every shade of the rainbow in every candy imaginable. Personalize the experience by including the bride and groom’s favorite candy choice, or personalize the gift bags with a custom stamp of your wedding monogram.

For those couples whose sweet tooth is less demanding, there is the option of a popcorn. Having a range of popcorn from buttery theater to caramel crunch to sweet kettle corn will keep all of your guests coming back for more. Add some color themed M&M’s on the table to bring your theme into the mix (pun intended!).

There is nothing that says love more than homemade cookies and ice cold milk! For a great, easy, and budget friendly buffet, organize a baking party with your family and wedding party a few days/weeks before your wedding. It will be a fun way to bring everyone together and will allow all of your family and friends’ baking skills and favorites to be front and center at your reception.

Another, possibly more health conscious option, is the trail mix bar. Raisins, peanuts, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and yogurt bites are will please even the youngest of guests with its salty sweet goodness. Bringing in the spicy peanuts and Cajun flavored items is another great way to expand your buffet to suit all ages.

We at Heartstrings love a yummy buffet, and would love to help organize yours! Come visit us to see our great selection of candy buffet display items to rent. No matter which way you go, a salty or sweet buffet will keep your guests fueled up and ready to dance the night away.

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