Bridal Spotlight – Lacie + Eric

Name of Bride/Groom: Lacie & Eric

Wedding Date: 6/16/2012

♥Venue Location: Our Lady of Grace Church/Flickertail Gardens, Minot, ND
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Holiday Inn, Minot ND
Bridal Gown Designer: Jasmine Bridal
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Bill Levkoff
Tux Provider: Won free tuxes through an online contest, Franklin & Gower
Wedding Theme: Casual, laid-back, family affair
Videographer: Digital Keepsakes (based out of Hazen, ND)
Photographer: Otis & James (based out of Minot, ND)


Proposal: For my 21st birthday, Eric had surprised her with a homemade scrapbook including all the things we had done together: tickets for sporting events, pictures of things that corresponded to dates we had, and other fun mementos. Fast forward 2.5 years, and Eric used this book to propose to me after surprising me with an update to the book with the last page of “Will you Marry Me?” I was in complete shock and so excited! After the shock wore off, the wedding planning began!


Describe your Heartstrings Shopping Experience: All of my 7 bridesmaids had a different body type: one was almost 5’8”, and another was barely 5’, some needed the support of straps on their dresses, some were fine with a strapless dress. Because of these differences, I made the choice early on to let each girl choose her own dress from my designer of choice, Bill Levkoff. This designer offers dozens and dozens of dress choices in a handful of different fabrics. I decided to go with the charcoal type color in chiffon short dresses. When the time came for my girls to choose their dresses, they each were able to pick from around 30 designs that would suit their needs. Each girl ended up with a beautiful knee-length dress in the charcoal & chiffon specifications that I chose, but they were each able to find something that they felt comfortable and unique in.


Wedding Day Highlights: The morning of the wedding looked gray and very windy, which was a worry since we were hoping to have the dance in the outdoor portion of our reception venue. Pictures were windy, dinner was windy, but as soon as the dinner was cleared away and we were moving out towards the outdoor dance floor, the wind died away and we were left with a beautiful evening of dancing outside! It was perfect!


Another great memory was speech given by my maid of honor and sister, Taylor, and my best friend since high school, Tia. Taylor started of alone, saying nice things about Eric and I. Then, just as I thought she was finishing up, my friend Tia joiner her for a rap to Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire” all about Eric and I’s relationship throughout the years. It goes without saying I was thoroughly impressed, and equally as embarrassed! It was amazing! We had a videographer, luckily, so he was able to capture the whole thing for us to relive forever.


Favorite Memory of the Wedding Day: Realizing that all the hard we had put into the day was all coming together and we had the day we had imagined, but it was so much better! The weather turned out great, even after a shaky start. After a nightmare at the hair salon where 3 bridesmaids and I left in shock at how terrible our hair looked but having no time or patience
to argue, we went back to the church and with the help of my two amazing personal attendants, and 1 amazing cousin we were able fix everyone up to look amazing for the big day.

A Funny Story or Blooper That Happened on Your Big Day: Our unity candy wouldn’t light, so we just had to blow the two candles out mom’s lit out so they wouldn’t melt all over the stands and start a fire. It was a “serious part” of the ceremony and everyone was watching us up front, but we couldn’t stop laughing. Embarrassing, but a good memory!


A Piece of Wedding Advice for New Brides: Don’t procrastinate and don’t let anyone tell you what you “should” be doing. No one knows what you want but you and your finance, so don’t let anyone bully you into doing something the way they think it should be done. After all, it’s YOUR wedding and you two are the ones who will live with those memories. Also, if you can fit it in the budget, hire a videographer. Some people will think it’s not necessary and you don’t have to find a uber-expensive professional, but pictures will be great to hang on the wall, but a video will capture everything: voices, speeches, laughs, EVERYTHING! The memories and little bits and pieces of the day will slowly fade away in your memory, but you can always pull out the video and remember exactly how your husband sounded when he slipped up in his vows, or how great your maid-of-honor’s speech was!




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