Traditional Ceremony Order

Traditional Ceremony

  • Guests are ushered to pews or chairs. 
  • Prelude music begins 30-minutes before the start of the ceremony. 
  • Grandparents and then grooms parents and then the mother-of-the-bride and then ushered down the aisle just before the main part of the processional beings. 
  • After a pause – the music for the processional begins. 
  • The officiant enters the sanctuary. 
  • Attendants take their turns in the processional; bridesmaids and groomsmen first honor attendants last so they are close to the bride and bridegroom and officiant. Flower girls and ring bearer walk down right before the bride. 
  • The music then changes to the bridal processional and the bride walks down the aisle accompanied by her father or between her father and mother. 
  • Wedding vows are exchanged according to the customs of the couple and the officiant.
  • Rings are exchanged.
  • Special wedding prayers readings, music or songs are part of the ceremony.Accompanied by the recessional music the married couple comes back down the aisle followed by attendants and family members.
  • A receiving line is held as guests leave the church or ceremony site.

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