Ceremony Music Checklist

  • What are the requirements of your church regarding appropriate music?
  • Must you use church musicians? What is the cost for church musicians?
  • May you use recorded music?
  • May secular love songs be used during the ceremony or must music be liturgical?
  • Can secular music be used during the gathering time prior to the beginning of
  • The ceremony or after the recessional as people are leaving?
  • May soloist be used or are there some songs (such as Our Father), which must be sung by the community?
  • May outside musicians be brought in and may they use existing sound equipment or must they bring their own equipment?
  • Does your church have a list of music that is acceptable for weddings?
  • Do you have a friend who would like to sing or perform at your ceremony?
  • Are there any cultural or ethnic songs that you would like to have included?
  • Will you be able to use traditional wedding march or will you have to find processional music that is liturgical?
  • Do you prefer soloists or small groups?
  • What instruments do you want for your music?

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