Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Party

  • Decide how many attendants you want (the more formal the wedding the more attendants are appropriate. A simpler wedding would have fewer attendants). The range is anywhere from one to twelve. The number of ushers and groomsmen is usually determined by the number of guests (one usher can comfortably seat approximately 50 guests) it is not necessary to have the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids but it is a common practice.
  • Have those you choose verify the calendar availability and the availability to travel if necessary.
  • Consider the financial burden for those you choose (attendants usually purchase their own attire, pay for their own transportation and lodging if they come from a distance as well as a gift.)
  • Consider the financial burden for yourself or whoever is covering the wedding expenses. The more attendants you choose the greater the cost for you, as each needs a bouquet corsage or boutonnière as well as a gift.
  • If you are considering flower girls, ring bearers or train bearer think seriously about the age of the children and whether or not they will be able to go through with being part of the wedding party. Children who are too young have been known to create challenges during the ceremony especially if it is a long one. They can be absolutely adorable (or scene-stealers) but beware of their other side of the coin before asking children to be a part of your special day.

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