Responsibilities of the Wedding Party – Flower Girl

Flower Girl Responsibilities

Selecting the Flower Girl

  • You may choose one or two little girls to be flower girls. The best age range is between four and eight,    although younger ones are cute, they can create some real challenges during the processional and      recessional or ceremony if you choose two girls it looks nice if they are about the same size but that   may not be possible.

In Advance

  • Flower girls attend showers and pre wedding parties.
  • They attend the rehearsal and may attend the rehearsal dinner with parents.

At The Wedding

  • Flower girls walk directly in front of the bride in the processional and in front of the maid of honor in       the recessional.
  • As flower girls walk down the aisle they may scatter flower or rose petals. If petals are not permitted     sometimes flower girls will hand out single flower to guests as they walk or they may just carry a        bouquet, a ring of flowers or a pomander ball.
  • During the ceremony the flower girls may stand near the bridesmaids or may sit down with their           families. Younger ones probably will do better witting with their families.
  • They are in formal photographs.

At The Reception

  • Flower girls do not usually stand in the reception line. Flower girls usually sit at a table of honor with      their families rather than at the head table.
  • Flower girls may dance with family members, friend or other member of the wedding party if they choose.


  • Families of flower girls are expected to pay for dresses and other attire.
  • If travel expense are involved the girls family picks up these costs.
  • Flower girls are not expected to bring a gift to pre wedding parties they may attend. If parents    attend gift expectations would be the same as any other guest. If they attend more than one shower only one gift is expected.
  • Flower girls are not responsible for helping financially with a bridal shower.

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