Responsibilities of the Wedding Party – Ring Bearer

Ring/Trainbearer Responsibilities


  • Neither of these is required positions and may be boys or girls. Usually one ring bearer is used, but two            with one ring pillow will work if you have an abundance of four to five year olds that you would like to    have in the ceremony.

Advance Help

  • If ring bearers and trainbearers are little boys they may not be interested in attending any pre-    wedding parties, however, if they are girls, they may want to attend a shower.
  • They attend the rehearsal and may attend rehearsal dinner with their parents.

At The Wedding

  • The ring bearer carries the pillow with a ring or rings sewn in into it (usually not the real ones).
  • If real rings are tied to the pillow the ring bearer takes the pillow directly to the maid of honor and           best man who will remove the rings. The trainbearers follow the bride in the processional and           recessional and carry the bridal train.
  • During the ceremony the ring and trainbearers may stand near the ushers or sit with their families.
  • They are in the formal photographs of the bridal party.
  • The ring bearers walk either directly in front of or besides the flower girls in the processional and    recessional.

At The Reception

  • Ring and train bearers do not usually stand in the reception line
  • Ring and trainbearers usually sit at a table of honor with their families.


  • The families of the ring and trainbearers are expected to pay for their attire.
  • If travel expenses are involved the children’s families pick up those costs.
  • Ring and trainbearers are not expected to bring gifts to any pre-wedding parties they may attend. If       their parents attend gifts expectations would be the same as any guest. If they attend more than one   party only one-shower gift is expected.



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