Responsibilities of the Wedding Party – Ushers


 Selecting the Ushers

  • The number of ushers us usually determined by the size of the wedding. One usher can comfortably seat about fifty guests.
  • Ushers are usually brothers, relatives or best friends of the groom. In inviting people to serve, as ushers make sure they are aware of the expenses involved.


  • Pay for their own wedding attire.
  • Distribute wedding programs.
  • The main job of the usher is to seat guests. They should arrive at the ceremony at least one hour in advance and should have clear instructions on the seating plan. In Christian ceremonies the bride’s family and guest sit on the left and the grooms on the right. In Jewish services the seating is opposite      with the brides family on the right. Female guests are escorted by having the usher offer his right arm to her. Her date or spouse walks behind. Male guests are lead to their seats. If there are pew cards being used or a special reserved section ushers should pay special attention as they escort these guests to their seats.
  • ·Ushers distribute any programs or ceremony handouts at the ceremony. Ushers direct those brining gifts to the ceremony to a gift table.
  • ·If there is a guest book at the ceremony ushers direct guests to sign it.
  • ·After all guests are seated the ushers escort the grooms parents to the front row on the grooms side (unless they are part of the processional). Lastly they escort the bride’s mother to her seat unless she is accompanying her husband in the processional.
  • ·Assist elderly guests to seats
  • ·After all guests are seated unroll aisle runner.
  • ·Check church or synagogue for any items left behind.
  • ·One of the ushers should be responsible to roll the aisle runner back up after the ceremony and have it cleaned and returned.
  • ·One of the ushers should collect any leftover handouts or programs and see that they get returned to the couple who may want to send them to family and friends who were unable to attend.
  • ·Ushers offer women their right arm (to the oldest woman in the group).
  • ·When the ceremony is done the ushers escort the mothers back down the aisle.

At The Reception

  • Ushers may be part of the receiving line at very formal weddings.
  • They may be seated at the head table.


  • Pays for their own wedding attire.
  • If travel expenses are involved, they pay their own costs involved in getting to the wedding and staying in town during the celebration.

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