Responsibilities of a Groomsman

Selecting a Groomsman

  • Groomsmen are usually brothers, relatives or best friends of the groom. When inviting people to serve as groomsmen, make sure they are aware of the expenses involved.

In Advance

  • Groomsmen usually help the best man plan the bachelor party for the groom.
  • They attend pre-wedding parties.
  • They attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Attends bachelor dinner if there is one.

At the Wedding

  • While it is not necessary to have an equal number of groomsmen and bridesmaids it does balance nicely if they walk in pairs in either the processional or recessional.
  • The groomsmen may be part of the processional or they make take positions in the front with the best man or groom.
  • They stand near the groom during the ceremony.
  • They are in formal photographs.
  • They escort the bridesmaids from the ceremony in the recessional.

At the Reception

  • They dance with the bridesmaids at the reception.
  • Encourage young men to participate in catching the garter.


  • Pays for their own wedding attire.
  • If travel expenses are involved, they pay their own costs involved in getting to the wedding and staying in town during the celebration.
  • Although groomsmen may attend several pre wedding parties, only one-shower gift and one wedding gift is expected.
  • They may share the cost of the bachelor party.



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