Responsibilities of A Wedding Party – Best Man

Selecting a Best Man

  • The best man is usually a brother, relative or best friend of the groom. In inviting an individual to serve as best man, make sure they are aware of the expenses involved.

In Advance of the Wedding

  • Assists groom with details during the wedding day.

At The Wedding

  • Transports the groom to the church.
  • Supervises the groomsmen regarding their dress and duties at the ceremony.
  • Takes care of the brides ring during the ceremony.
  • Presents clergyman with fee.
  • Witnesses and signs wedding certificate.

At the Reception

  • Offers first toast to the bride and groom.
  • Holds for safekeeping:  keys, tickets, etc. for the groom.
  • Returns grooms tux to the rental shop.


  • Pays for his own wedding attire




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