Things to Know About Wedding Photography

Here are a few things you should know before booking your photographer for your wedding:

1. Be sure to get referrals from past brides and grooms. Or check with your wedding planner since they have worked with nearly everyone in town they can have an unbiased opinion as to who is the best.

2. Personality of the Photographer – you should be able to “mesh” with their personality and not clash….remember if you don’t like them it WILL show in your photographs!

3. Digital Photography – this is really the way to go especially because these type of photographers usually give you the proofs (A MUST). Digital phots are also easy to convert to black and white and make reprints.

4. You need to be sure to book early as the best photographers around (like wedding planners) book up quickly!

5. Finally sign a contract! This is a MUST! It should include dates, prices, name of the photographer, times and what is included!


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