Location and Season of Wedding

Have you ever thought about your favorite time of year? Is it Christmas and the freshly fallen snow? Springtime with the new flowers in Bloom? Perhaps it is summer when the flowers are in full bloom and the air is warm? Or maybe even Fall when the leaves have changed colors?

This is a great area to consider when planning your wedding. Just remember that the busiest times for weddings (and perhaps more costly) are June, August and October!

If thinking of an outdoor ceremony consider the weather. In the upper half of the US the best time for an outdoor wedding is in August when we have the least amount of rain (rent a tent no matter what though)! In the south have your wedding in the winter when they have their dry season.

Also consider what special events are in your area during the time you are considering? Is your city hosting the Super Bowl that year or a large convention? That could booost hotel and other rental rates.

Do you live in a seasonal area such as the Southern US or West Cost? If so keep that in mind as well since that could also increase your cost.

The bottom line is choose the date you want but plan well in advance if it is a busy season and budget to cover the extra costs.


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