Wedding Formality


The ceremony could be held in a church, synagogue, hotel, a home, garden or one of many sites. Traditionally a formal wedding is for one hundred guests or more. A formal wedding would include formal invitations, bridal gown but less formal attire for attendants, a meal (perhaps a luncheon or simple buffet) dancing to a band, floral arrangements in church or at the head table, medium sized wedding party (two to six bridesmaids) and professional photography.



Locations for semi-formal weddings can be more varied and a single location for ceremony and reception is more common for a semi-formal wedding. This style of wedding would include one hundred guests or less, invitations can be simple without inserts and return cards, dress is less formal with the bride perhaps wearing a less elaborate dress (floor length or shorter) food may be in form of a simple buffet, dancing to a DJ, simple decorations, a smaller wedding party (one to two bridesmaids and mostly candid photography with a few set up shots.


Casual or Informal

Locations are unlimited. Guests can be limited to family members and very close friends. Invitations could be as simple as a phone call or personal invitation, dress is casual with the bride wearing a street length dress or suit, food might be limited to cake with punch or champagne or perhaps cocktails and hour d oeuvres entertainment is options decorations are options the wedding party may consist of maid or matron of honor and best man and a personal friend may be responsible for capturing the event with a camera. An informal or casual wedding is probably the least expensive wedding option.


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